First step of the company “ABC Taxi”

A personal story about the opening of the company "ABC Taxi Egypt".

When in 2014, we started the “ABC Taxi” Company in Hurghada, I asked myself. What should be the quality standard of "ABC"? What level of service do we have to create?

The answer was easy for understanding but difficult in reach.
I have imagined clearlyhow my MOTHER and FATHER call the "ABC" taxi;reserve a transfer from the city airport of Hurghada;go on excursions with "ABC Caravan".

For the past three yearswe trywith the “ABC” team to do the work as if each one order was made by our parents.

There are so few things in the world, which are really perfect. We have something what to aspire. We work around the clock, seven days a week.

Every day the “ABC Taxi” team tries to make our service a little bit better for our Customers.

Sincerely, Alexander  (CEO ABC).

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