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Private excursion to a place of power.

Excursion tour constructor set Abydos and Dendera. Why constructor?

Because, we can go only to Abydos or only to Dendera if you want; or to both places at once, according to your desire. The trip won't be tiresome because we go by the passenger car, quickly and without tiresome collecting people from hotels. And sightseeing tours themselves won't take a lot of effort.

Private excursion to a place of power.
No shops, markets and noise sales.
In the car for you free WiFi, movie or stories from the professional guide.

For more info and booking send to me a message, please:

or call me:

+20 111 081 0221 phone/Viber/WhatsApp
I will answer 100%.

ABC caravan. You can be sure.

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