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Dendera | ABC Caravan Tour

Dendera | ABC Caravan Tour

Day trip to Temple of the goddess Hathor

The first point of travel by the footsteps of the lost civilization is the city of Dendera. Arabs call it Dandara. It’s the legendary temple of the goddess-mother Hathor. Whatever is told about it, but one story is passed steadily from mouth to mouth already for thousands of years. This temple is entirely designed to help women. The earth Hathor treats barren women, gives strength to young mothers, and gives health those, whose children need help. People believe it till this day, and, even the modern Egyptians and foreigners who don't have any relation to a civilization of Pharaohs. And they do come for it.

The mother of the Universe

Wall paintings of the temple promote and glorify the cult of a woman as a mother. And draw parallels with the mother of all living things - the Universe. This concept finds reflection in tremendous drawings on the temple ceiling. Surprisingly also wall bas-reliefs were remained. The temple Hathor was covered by sand long time, and it saved the temple from vandals. There it is possible to see scenes representing ancient ceremonies and worship the Goddess. Pharaohs and deities carry gifts and praise Hathor giving life for the entire Universe.

The Myth or Truth

But it is the first part, esthetic one. Various pseudo-scientific theories state that on ceilings and walls there is ciphered the knowledge of ancient Egyptians about the structure and secrets of the world, science, space and cyclicality of global catastrophes. If to take at least Osiris's zodiac that is on a ceiling, or in general astronomical pictures about the stellar sky. Or the well-known bas-relief with "lamps" which is in a narrow dungeon. To go there one needs to descend the steep stairs. Squeezing into the "Rabbit Hole". A low manhole under the stairs. But, having overcome these small obstacles on the way, you will see the real inexplicable miracle: images of the subjects very similar to giant electric lamps with a coil inside.


Some experts state that, according to the images in Dendera, the ancient Egyptians used the illuminants which are reminding the modern very much. Moreover, on a prototype of these bas-reliefs the real giant lamps were created. And they work! Generally, conspiracy theorists argue their hoarse with scientists and declare that the Egyptians hid a lot of things from future generations. They distracted, so to speak, attention by their art from the most important things. But all of those statements are just theories.

Healing Faith

Let scientific minds fight for the Nobel Prize, but we state that all this is simply magnificent, interesting, impressively and very beautifully. We repent, being civilized and practical people, but after all we asked the goddess Hathor for health of children and a reproduction of new generation. There is such air, everything is impregnated with worship the woman and a cult of the birth. By the way, according to a legend Cleopatra gave birth to her son here, and Hathor helped her with it. Here there is also the well-known pool of the crowned beauty. Quite perhaps, that Cleopatra also made the foundation to a fashionable trend – the childbirth in water. This theory is also not meaningless.

Must see

So welcome everybody who will wish to talk to the Goddess. In the Temple Hathor, by the way, it is possible to meet traces of a Christian basilica. The ancient Christians took cover from persecutions of pagans here.


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