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About Us

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Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.
Henry Ford



ABC Taxi is the international transport company created on one of the most popular resorts of the planet.

We forever relieved the world of the template that "tourist taxi is expensive pleasure with one thousand dirty tricks on the way". Our service was estimated by thousands of clients, both tourists and constant residents of Hurghada. Join those who use high-quality services of a taxi!

ABC is the absolute innovator in the sphere of resort transfers. We created the program of city and long-distance transportations with strict system of route calculations. You can always learn in advance the price of your trip and to be convinced that our navigation system laid an optimum way.

We arranged an optimum system of communication, and you can call a taxi from any point of the globe. It is enough to visit our website or to use a mobile addition; and at the appointed time the car will wait for you at the airport or in any other place of Hurghada.

We managed to organize the system of intercity navigation in spite of the difficult orientation in the city where there are no names of streets and numbering of houses. You can call a taxi to an entrance of your house or to the nearest city famous place.

We continue developing beside of all these undoubted reasons for pride; we manage new services and bring ones which have never been in Hurghada market. The Customer Support Department of ABC Taxi always pay attention for questions of quality control, daily upholding a reputation of the reliable and credible company.

SINCE 2014

To provide superb service we work to serve our clients just like we serve our families; our goal is to make them proud.

our mission

It is the crystal-clear and safe road transportation with the maximum comfort with the minimum tariff.

ABC Awards

More than 22 thousand people appreciated the ABC service highly. We are grateful for all of you for a praise and trust!
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why choose us

Competitive price

Cost in ABC cars is not higher than services of city taxi drivers. But agree that our car fleet is better, and drivers don't smoke and don't make street racings.

Everything is under calculation!

All cars of ABC are equipped with counters. You pay exactly as much as the done way costs. You can see ABC tariffs on our website.

Cool vehicle fleet

Are you tired of the smashed rattletraps of Hurgada’s “nice” drivers? Change to ABC cars – comfortable private cars with the air condition and the free Internet.

Open cooperation

We are ready for dialogue with corporate clients, and also with the companies seeing the perspective in a partnership with ABC.


Each one car of ABC on a route is controlled online nonstop. You always know where the transport is, which caring for you the most important something or somebody.

Faultless reputation

Customer focus for ABC is not the empty declaration, but daily hard work. We love positive responses very much, but also we thank for critics: fixing of faults makes us to be the best undoubted.
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Our principles

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