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“The concentrated concept” for FUN

“The concentrated concept” for FUN


This post is a result of the desire to squeeze the answer to a format of one column; to fit it into the frame of the section “About Me” on tab “information”, on the page of the personal account in FaceBook - the answer to a question. Perhaps, it’s the most important and difficult question which is faced by any thinking person.

The question: "WHO AM I?"

"The concentrated concept", was sounded in Sweden and verbally recorded efficiency of a non-linear approach to the finding of the solutions for arbitrary problems of any level.

Four years ago all the staff of one chemical laboratory, a part of a transnational holding with the head office in Stockholm, found itself at a Dead End. For starting of some reaction it was required to mix reagents with help of something from steel. The container intended for this purpose had a long and narrow neck. Nothing even close corresponded to its length.  Any special steel rod for mixing of reagents in this container isn’t presented at the moment. It’s possible to order it according to the catalog, but a long while. Production is located outside of the European Union. As a result, work of the chemical department of the company is paralyzed completely.

Everybody struggles to find a solution, from the junior laboratory assistant to the doctor of science. Everything which is from steel and looks like a rod is tried. The neck of the container is narrow and long. Nothing reaches the surface of reagents. There is on Russian employee is passing by, who has got the technical education at one University in the USSR (when it was the USSR); before his moving to a permanent place of residence in the European Union (which wasn't yet the European Union). He sees the problem. He takes from a table a steel paper clip for papers; he unbends it, throws it through a narrow and long neck into the container and shakes it up. Then he gives the container to the laboratory assistant. The solution is found! The reaction is started! The Russian goes further where he was going to. All as all takes only 30 seconds.

And then a silent scene is destroyed by the loud merry exclamation of the head of the laboratory, the Doctor of Chemistry:" F#CKING RUSSIAN ENGENEERENG!” and he records "The concentrated concept" in History.

Sincerely, Alexander  (CEO ABC).


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