School Transfer

ABC offers parents of school students the most secure service of a school transfer. You can order a car equipped with a child safety seat and daily send the child to school and back home with a responsible non-smoking driver. Click on the text to learn more about this service.

Not all parents have an opportunity to drive children to school themselves, and considering features of education in Hurghada, not each one family is lucky to have a good school nearby for the child could go on foot. In such situation it is necessary to think how to organize trips to lessons and back home. Is it possible to let the child get to study by bus alone? Or is it necessary to cooperate with other children or to ask someone's mother to drive your child by private car? All these schemes are too complicated, and some of them are not safe.

For this reason ABC represents the new service: school transfer. The professional driver will daily take the child to school and bring home. You will be able to watch movement of the car online, and you will always know where your child is (the service is in development).
Drivers of ABC don't smoke, don't chat on phone during driving and don’t exceed speed limits. The child will be fastened with a belt; if it’s necessary the transfer car can be equipped with a child safety seat of the corresponding size. Such kind of transportation is the safest.
The transfer is carried out on a subscriber basis; you can request the exact cost of a payment for this service from our dispatchers with taking into account the distance from school to the house and the schedule of trips. It is possible to order a transfer both for one child, and for several children attending school according to the same schedule.

For more info call please 01003707269

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